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As you probably know, my house foreclosed in August. I've been spending the several months before that paying off debts (repurchasing my car, paying off a huge MG&E bill, money I owed to various other people and companies) and I'm caught up. I've been caught up for a little while now, with the exception of an on-going situation with my medical provider and I'll be paying that off at about the same rate as I rack up new charges for... well, forever.

But foreclosure does really serious damage to one's credit so I want to rebuild my credit, in the hope that SOMEDAY I might be able to buy a car or a condo or something. Plus having a decent credit score is important for getting that foster care license I want at some point. But upon the foreclosure I only had 2 credit lines open to me - My JCPenny card which I hadn't used in a few years, and my Dell account.

I've used the JCP card twice now, and am paying it off a little more slowly than I need to because your credit doesn't recover if you don't pay any interest. So I'm paying more than required, but less than I can, and I'm paying on time. So far so good.

Upon my last paycheck I finally got enough money together that I can buy a laptop now. But instead of paying for it straight away, I decided to get a nicer one through Dell using my preferred account so I could use that as a second credit-rebuilding opportunity. I picked out a nice computer, went through all the options, thought long and hard about it and got really excited.

And THEN found out they'd suspended my account due to bad credit.

I was unaware that they'd do that. I guess it makes sense, but since I have always paid off my Dell account quickly in the past (I've bought my nice desktop and Jinx's netbook on it before, and NEVER been late) I figured that would count for something.

So now what? Well I still want a laptop, so I'm going to look at used ones or maybe save for another 2-3 months and get an Apple. I've kind of always wanted a Macbook, and I'm halfway to the $1K it costs already. But a used or low-end new computer would be a much more responsible decision....

Or getting no laptop, which would be even more responsible. But also seriously disappointing.

Well, I'm not going to decide tonight. But if you (or anyone you know) wants to sell me a functional laptop, I'll strongly consider it.

What's most frustrating about this? Other than the foreclosure I've been very responsible about money. And I wasn't the one who's job fell apart (but I don't blame her either).
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