Benny (devianttouch) wrote,

An open letter

(for those who are confused, read this first.)

Dear Dr. Laura,

In the aftermath of your ignorant bigoted rant on your show you have said that you feel your constitutional right to free speech has been threatened. I would like to clarify for you what a right to free speech means.

First of all, the constitution bars the government from making any law or taking any action to prevent you from your hate-filled diatribes. As far as I can see the government has not stepped in on this situation at all, so your right to free speech has not been infringed upon.

What the constitution does not do is prevent citizens, companies, and other media outlets from our right to free speech as well - including our right to point out that you have made a grave mistake in your repeated use of the n-word and your assertion that there is something wrong with interracial marriage. I have the right to call you a bigot. The companies that supported your radio show have a right (and responsibility) to pull their sponsorships. The media has the right (and again responsibility) to discuss this issue and point out your misbehavior.

I'm glad to hear you will be ending your radio show. Your racist and homophobic views have been on the air far too long.

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