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I've seen a few movies in the theater since Jinx and I broke up 6 months ago (it's been 6 months? Wow). I did a few of these alone, and learned that I can see a movie alone and not feel like crap about it, which is good. The really good ones I think I'd rather see with someone, but I'm not letting loneliness keep me from doing something fun and that's a good thing.

The most recent movie I saw was Toy Story 3. I just wanted to take a minute to recommend that you all go see it. I'm not doing this because I make a general recommendation on all Pixar films (I do), but because this one was shockingly good. I was pretty upset when I found out they are doing more sequels (this one, followed by Cars 2), but of the three Toy Story movies I actually think this one is the best, especially for adults. The characters are TOTALLY consistent with their old selves, and the story has real tension and suspense!

I don't think it matters much if you see the 2D or 3D though. I found the 3D work to be sort of unremarkable, and I doubt anything would be lost in the 2D version. The POINT is the excellent story and the outstanding world building Pixar does.

I intend to go see Despicable Me sometime soon. It's no Pixar, but I have been hearing good reviews. My expectations are pretty low because I totally hated the trailers for it, but we'll see. I'll see it 2D as a matinee to avoid paying too much, but I'll try to remember to post about it if it's good.
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