Benny (devianttouch) wrote,


I planted my container garden today, or at least most of it. I still have a bit more I'd like to do, but I got a lot done today.

I have 2 1 gallon buckets with beans (these will need to be re-potted eventually if they grow), a 3 gallon bucket with zucchini and 5 gallon buckets with white onions, yellow squash, and sugar snap peas. Also there is a small ceramic pot I found in my stuff from when I had my gallbladder out, and I put some wildflower seeds in that one.

I have no idea what will or will not grow, but I used good drainage and soil (damn that's expensive!) and they have full sun and I'll water a lot - so we shall see.

I still want to get one or two more buckets and a tomato plant and a dwarf eggplant. I can't do those from seed because it's too late, but I can get a small plant from a garden center and try that out.
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