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Since I intend on staying in my current apartment for a few years, and I have a really big porch, I would like to get a nice charcoal grill. It doesn't need to be highly portable (I have a tailgating weber for that) but it does need to be able to go up the stairs to my deck, which is on the second floor. It also can't be SO heavy that it's a threat to building integrity (the deck is actually a roof), but I doubt that would be a threat with anything I could afford anyway.

I am willing to spend up to $400 (perhaps more with REALLY good reviews and capablities). I would intend to make this purchase in May, so I have a few months to save for it. My car will be paid off a week from now, so I'll be able to have money again!

I feel strongly about using charcoal instead of gas. I want something that will serve several people, be easy to clean out (ash buildup was a huge hassle with my old one), and will last a long time.

Why do I want this, you ask? Because I love entertaining, but I no longer have a house to do it with. I no longer have a firepit, a yard, or even a TV. But I DO have a nice big porch and a telescope, so I figured I can throw a few good barbecues this summer, and show some folks a planet or two. It'll be nice to have people over again.

So if you have some suggestions for a certain grill to get, or even a good review website to suggest let me know. I'll spend this evening googling and looking, but I'm really interested in hearing if any of you have bought a grill in WI and have a good suggestion.

Edit: After doing some research I'm strongly considering the Weber 847001. Comments?
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