Benny (devianttouch) wrote,

Healthy living, weight loss, and rewards

So I started a low-carb eating plan a week ago. I don't need to get into the details here, but I'm feeling pretty dedicated to seeing if this kind of dietary plan will help me accomplish what other plans did not.

1) If you want to be put on my new weightloss/healthy living filter please OPT IN on this post. I will only add those who actually want to read that shit, if any of you do. If no one cares, I'll just write for myself. I totally understand how incredibly annoying other people's fitness related posts are if you don't feel like reading them.

2) I intend to set myself some milestones on this journey, and some rewards for reaching them. Ideas are helpful! I do need to say though that things I normally do for myself and things I SHOULD do for myself shouldn't be on that list. Rewards should be things that I would not otherwise let myself do - really indulgent shit.

3) Any podcasts you all might know of that can help keep me motivated will help! I'm particularly interested in those that avoid spiritual stuff, and/or emphasize muscle gain/weight lifting but anything is worth checking out!
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