Benny (devianttouch) wrote,

So that was scary as hell

I came home around 9 tonight, and went up onto my porch and immediately smelled gas. I opened the door to my apartment, and smelled A LOT of gas. I set down my backpack, turned around, and walked right back out to my car in the parking lot, got in, and looked up MG&E on my phone. Found the emergency number, called. Waited around for awhile in my car....

The MG&E truck pulled up about 20 min later, and I talked to the guy. He used his sensor thing around our gas meters where it did sense some gas but not as much as I smelled. Then I took him in the front door near apartment 1 (not my private entrance) and the sensor went CRAZY. He left the front door open to vent. We first went downstairs to the furnaces, but there was no reading of gas down there at all. We came back up stairs, and to my apartment (which is the only occupied one on the second floor). My apt is directly above where that crazy reading was by the front door, and my apartment also had the little sensor thing going crazy.

At this point it was quite clear that there was a major problem somewhere. I don't have any gas appliances though, so we then went to the apartment below mine - Apt 1. It's right by the door, has a big "No smoking - Oxygen in use" sign on the door, and contains the very old man that heats his apartment up so high that it heats mine too. We clearly have some major air-leakage between our two apartments as the heat situation has demonstrated.

Anyway, the guy was home, and upon the door being opened to his apt it was clear the source was in there. He couldn't smell it AT ALL, but the MG&E guy had him come out of the apt and he went in and found that my neighbor had turned one burner of his stove all the way on, but it hadn't lit. It was just POURING gas into the apartment and my neighbor hadn't noticed.

So the burner was turned off, many windows and doors in our building are open. Privately the MG&E guy basically told me I saved all of our lives tonight. REMINDER: This neighbor has OXYGEN TANKS IN HIS APARTMENT. I'm officially now terrified of my elderly neighbor.

I need a drink.
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